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We love when members of the #Quinnipiac community bring us along when they travel across America and around the world. Here, Julianna Besharat ‘14 rides a camel in Egypt while representing the Bobcats. #qualumni #quaroundtheworld

Anonymous said: How easy is it to double major?

The ease of double-majoring at Quinnipiac depends on your primary major and your level of motivation.  You can request to major in two areas of study within the same academic school or college (eg. Sch. of Business, Sch. of Communications, etc.) I don’t know of very many students who double-major in health sciences or even if it’s allowed.  

You could also consider a minor - basically 6 courses outside your major. In fact, the School of Communications requires students to minor in a subject outside of communications.

Most importantly, you’ll want to consider your career goals when deciding about double majors or minors and meet with an academic advisor. You can find a complete list of majors and minors here: http://bit.ly/QUMajors  .

Hope this helps! QU Admissions

Anonymous said: I received my acceptance package a week or so ago, but when I tried to sign up for QU4U, it says "We cannot find your information in our records." I am using the same exact first name, last name, and email address as provided on my admissions application...help?

Congrats on your admission to Quinnipiac! Please send your name, QU ID, and email address to Louise Howe, Dir. of Marketing Communications for Admissions and she will get you set up on the site. louise.howe@quinnipiac.edu

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Come and get it all you hungry QU Bobcats! The Annual Holiday Dinner is in progress! 

Congratulations, Quinnipiac graduates!

Congrats to Quinnipiac University’s Class of 2013! 

Photos by: John Hassett 

Students from the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, CA visited Quinnipiac University today! Future QU Bobcats! Students and staff are pictured here along with QU admissions counselors Bill Romano and Al Carbone at the Rocky Top Student Center on our York Hill campus.

Ok, all you hungry #QU bobcats! It’s the Annual Holiday Dinner! Free, fab, and fun! Starts NOW! Get on down to the Student Center (4pm-8pm, Dec. 6, 2012)  

Check out new photos of Quinnipiac’s Carl Hansen Student Center - just posted to our virtual campus tour at http://www.quinnipiac.edu/tour #quinnipiac #qu #architecture #studentcenter #bestcolleges



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